About Us

In a nutshell ...
Ed & I married In July 1996 and are still madly in love! He is an amazing man - a hard worker who loves his family, cars and fishing.
God has given us 5 precious children:
Jordan (10) loves music, school, reading & snuggling. She has Down Syndrome, but she doesn't let it stop her and neither do we!

Jacob (9) is our little math whiz who loves games, Star Wars, legos & soccer.

Jadyn (6) is our high-spirited, creative, social, full-of-life peanut.

Jace (3) is adorable, tough, outgoing, adventurous and ALL boy!

Jackson is our tiny baby boy who was born April 20, 2010 already in the arms of Jesus due to a cord entanglement. Loving him, wanting him, delivering him and losing him have combined to be the most difficult pain I have ever faced.

As for me - I love God, being a homeschool mom, reading, playing games, organizing, crafting and bargains! I'm also passionate about nutrition, holistic health care and homebirths.

This blog is about all-the-above and anything else I stumble across along the way! Thanks for sharing our journey!

For more about what homeschooling looks like for us, read this post:  Our Homeschool 2010-2011