Monday, November 20, 2006

Could it be???

The last couple weeks, Jadyn's been telling us when she needs to poop. So, tonight, she told Ed and he plopped her on the potty. She wasn't sure what to think at first - and I should mention that she never went poop. BUT, she did go tinkle TWICE! The fan-fare was what you would imagine for a new potty-trainer-in-training! So, she's got the idea...and plenty of encouragement. We'll see where it goes! I might have picked a better week (that didn't include a holiday!), but I certainly don't want to discourage anything! Jordan & Jake were 3 before they potty trained, so 20 months seems a little early to us...but, heh...we're game!
We've had AT LEAST one kid in diapers for the past 6+ years (at least 18 months of that with 2 in diapers)! The thought of NO diapers...ahhhh!!! I'm hoping it goes as easily and smoothly as it did with Jakey. He basically trained and night! Could it be???


Sarah said...

Mike always tells me when he needs to poop. The only fan-fare he gets is me yelling, "What crawled inside you and died?!!"

Rays Family said...

It doesn't surprise me, the third one always does everything earlier. She looks so proud of herself. Way to go big girl!


Gummie said...

The Little Miss is sooooo BIG!!! Way to go girl!!! Your Gummie is so proud!!!

Lori Eilers said...

Jayden is sure looking like her brother in this pic! No more'll be rich!