Friday, December 22, 2006

The BEST Santa!

My mom ("Gummie") and I took the kids to see Santa yesterday. Jordan Creek Mall has the best Santa. His look is all natural (down to the belly!) and he is completely gentle and sweet. I've watched him get down on the floor and read books to kids. He tells each child to remember that he loves them. I told him yesterday that I've noticed his hard work and appreciate it very much. He was extremely humble. He even took the time to let Jadyn warm up a bit (at least we didn't have a screaming back arch episode this time!) She gave him hugs, high-5s and even offered up her crackers and drink! Jake "needed" to see Santa one more time because he forgot to tell him he wanted new games...he's a chip off the ol' block, for sure...he's a game fanatic! And, Santa needed to know!

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