Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Around the World

The Christmas musical at church was a lot of fun! Ed's mom flew in Saturday night to be here for it and our babysitter, Shelby & her family came as well! The kids did great! I didn't get any still pictures, just video (and this is where my computer illiteracy comes into play...I still don't know how to download/edit video!). But, we did take a couple pictures since the kids were dressed up!
Jordan, as expected, was quite the mother hen over baby Jesus! I was a little worried about her reaction to "Joseph" being at the manger too, so I told her to keep her hands in her lap. With the exception of when a stray "shepherd" tried to pick up the baby, Jordan was quite obedient. She gently stroked baby Jesus and kissed him very sweetly! It was as if she were posted to guard the infant! It was very cute! She was thrilled when the Wise Men came to the manger...her face lit up at the sight of Jakey!! He's not a big performer, so he didn't sing much, but he said he had fun & he loved wearing a crown! He was SO thrilled that Shelby came! All of the kids did a great job! We were very proud of our little Mary & Wise Man! Way to go, Pastor Lori, for pulling off such a feat!

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