Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Damage

Ed and I went and saw his van today. The pictures are shocking enough, but seeing it in person was just wild. You can really see how intact his door still is, compared to the damage in the back. The impact was so hard, it caused damage on the passenger side of his car as well. What a miracle that no one was seriously injured. I was hoping to get pictures of the truck that hit him, but it was already gone. Bummer. We also went back to the "scene" and I can totally see how Ed made the mistake he did. The road is very deceiving. The 'irony,' if you will, is that this area is a small farming community and there is virtually no traffic on either of the the timing of two vehicles crossing paths at the exact same moment is just baffling. We tried to find his cell phone, but had no luck. There's a silver lining in that as well, since it means NO BLACKBERRY for the weekend!! (I'm not complaining...but he might.) We are very blessed. This could have been so much worse.


Dara said...

WOW! I can't even believe it- that is just nuts. PTL that everyone walked away.

Lori Eilers said...

Can we say with confidence...a boat-load of angels were on the ball?!

Rays Family said...

I'm so glad that everyone is ok. Those pictures are just so scary. I bet you just look at Ed and count your blessings.