Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yesterday, our church had a community-wide Easter egg hunt. The temperature was somewhere between ridiculous & unbearable. It was so cold & windy. Despite being thoroughly bundled, the Texans just couldn't hack it. The kids picked eggs for a few minutes before all 3 were in tears and asking to leave. Too funny! Despite the weather, we had over 200 people come and in typical Pastor Lori-fashion, it was awesome!
This morning, the kids were all thrilled to dig through their buckets of goodies. Lots of stickers and toys - and even some silly string, courtesy of Aunt Stacey! They were also thrilled to don their new Easter clothes and they looked SO cute!!
After church, we went to eat at On The Border...interesting pick, I know, but its close to church, so it was easy. Upon getting our drinks, the waiter spilled Ed's Coke ALL OVER me and the girls' coats!!! I'm sure it was because I was wearing a white dress! Isn't that the way that works? I was sticky all over by the time we got home, but I was thankful it was me and not one of the kids!


Sarah said...

The kids look ADORABLE!!!!!!!

I would also have liked to see a picture ofd you in your white dress. "Angela in a Dress" is a Kodak moment! :) (Preferably BEFORE the On the Border mishap)

Sarah said...

One of your kids (in the top picture) looks like he has already hit puberty. What are you feeding them?

angelasustala said...

You know me too well, Sarah...I don't 'do' dresses often!!

Dara said...

oh man - sorry about the coke - I hate it when that happens - that has happened to me like twice this year already - what is it with kids and waiters? It happened to my mom and the waiter ruined her brand new $100 handbag...their restaurant replaced it thankfully - good thing my parents were regulars.

Lori Eilers said...

I LOVED the kids' outfits! I can almost promise that it will never be colder for an egg hunt again. :)