Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rush Hour

Being a game lover, one of Jake's favorite stores is Games by James in Jordan Creek mall. We love to find unique games & play with their 'samples!' Yesterday, we stopped by and bought this one called Rush Hour. (if you click that link, you can actually play a sample online!) Its safe to say its a hit! Its a puzzle of sorts and each time you play, its a different challenge. We bought the Jr version for ages 6-8, but since we've only owned it for 24 hours and Jake's already mastered the expert cards, I'm thinking we should have jumped right in to the regular version. This is a great game for math-minded kids. I love it because it really requires him to use his noggin. There are 40 different cards (and thankfully, they make add-on packs) which give you a diagram of how to set up your board. Once its set up, your job is to get the ice cream truck out of the traffic jam! What boy doesn't enjoy playing with cars?
We also bought Monopoly Jr and its a hit as well. I love it because it resembles the jist of regular monopoly, but it can actually be played in one sitting. Plus, adding money is nice practice! Needless to say, we've played it several times today! Jordan enjoys it as well! Jadyn just likes to play with the 'ticket booths' - the Jr version of real estate! I highly recommend both of these games - especially if you've got 'game' kids!

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Lori Eilers said...

Relief...finally someone to teach me math!