Sunday, July 15, 2007

Playing Catch up ... again

Looks like I'm playing catch-up yet again!
Last Saturday (MORE than a week ago!), we had Super Saturday at a local park with our church. It was a ton of fun and beautiful weather. Jake loves any chance to play with his pal, Jaron! Jordan and Jake both won prizes in the drawings. Jake won a Pablo (from Backyardigans) and Jordan won a Hermie umbrella! They were both thrilled! Pastor Lori managed to get the Q Cruiser to show up with some tunes and Jake loved that it was a Hummer!
Jadyn found a 'nose' in a random box and thought it was so funny!

Sunday after church, we took the kids to see Ratatouille - we didn't think it was all that great. And, I get really frustrated when G rated movies have multiple inappropriate lines. "Shut up" was said on more than one occassion and at one point, one of the characters said to another, "Welcome to hell." That kind of stuff just doesn't go over well with me ... and I know most people think I'm overly conservative. Anyway, this could quickly escalate to a soap box ... and one I've blogged about before, so we don't need to rehash it now.
So, on to Monday - which was the day we ditched diapers for Jadyn. I posted a blog months ago about her being ready to potty train. Well, I'm truly the laziest momma when it comes to potty training. I'd rather change diapers until they're 10 than deal with potty training and the accidents that accompany it. But, I couldn't keep putting it off and hope she would remain interested (plus, I was getting pressure from Mandy ... she's been holding me accountable! Just what I like (I think?) in a friend!) And, I decided our Texas trip would be easier if we didn't have diapers to deal with. So, after a couple days of accidents, we're on our way to success. She's gone a couple days with no accidents and no more than one on any given day for the last 5. Not bad! The cool thing is that for the first time in nearly SEVEN years, we don't have diapers to change!

Wednesday marked the end of Jordan's summer private ballet classes. She did great and continues to love every minute of it. Classes will start again the first week of September and we're thinking we'll continue with private lessons as well. My friend, Wendy's daughter is also going to start this fall! How fun!

Yesterday, we went out to eat breakfast and then I had most of the rest of the day OFF! I usually get lots of breaks and don't feel the NEED for big long ones, but the last few weeks have been hectic and more stressful than usual, so this was just what the doctor ordered! I got a pedicure, went shopping and got a haircut. I was gone for 6+ hours and it was a perfect break!

We're gearing up for our trip to Houston. We're leaving Thursday for 10 days. Can't wait to see everyone there!

Oh, and one more crazy hubby decided to start a blog of his own. Its called "The Catch" ... and he certainly is a good one! (But, I think he's referring to the fishing variety) There's a link to the right...check it out...I'm sure there will be no shortage of laughs!


Rays Family said...

I'm glad you were able to get just a little alone time, it's amazing how just a small amount of time can recharge our batteries. Have a safe and wonderful trip to Texas! I bet the kids are so excited.

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute pic of Jake and Jaron :) Jaron just loves playing with Jake! Thanks for the note on Ratatouille. I was thinking about taking Jaron to it, but I think we will pass.

Good job on the potty training! I think ya'll are inspiring me :)