Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And another belated birthday wish!

My friend Nonie's birthday was last weekend! If you read my blogs about Houston, you saw her name!

*Nonie is one of my dearest friends from Dallas ~ one of those lifelong friends no matter how far apart.

*She is one of the most honest people I know. I value her input in anything because I know she'll give it to me straight ... and from a biblical perspective.

*Nonie's view of the world is always based beyond herself. No matter what she faces, she always knows there are others with worse circumstances and counts herself blessed. That inspires me!

*Nonie and I had weekly lunch dates at Chic Fil A when we lived in Dallas. I always looked forward to those times and miss them so much now!

*Nonie has THREE beautiful blessings ~ Kailey, Tyler and precious surprise, Trinley!

*Nonie is one of those rare people that devotes her life to others. She's always thinking about what other people need, how she can help them and how she can be the best wife and mom to her husband & kids.

*Nonie is from San Antonio, Texas but they moved to the Dallas area for Aaron's job. She is very close to her family and misses living near them terribly.

*Nonie is a Custom home builder (yes, that's Custom with a capital C!). I wish I knew how to link to her most recent build ... but suffice it to say, it was outstanding and beautiful! Ed and I joke that we wish we could afford her!

*Nonie is very talented and creative in many ways. She's a phenomenal photographer - the kind with a real "eye" to see what makes a sweet photo. She also makes announcements, invitations and the sort. She did Jadyn's birth announcements and they are precious!!

*Nonie calls Aaron "The Bomb" - and they give each other knuckle pounds frequently. I love that about them because its just a reflection of the fact that they are truly 'on the same team!'

*Nonie kept Jordan and Jake the day Jadyn was born ... even though she thought I was nuts to do a homebirth!

I love you, Nonie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!

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Anonymous said...

I am checking your blog tonight to see what's up and am laughing out loud while being completely honored. Thanks for the birthday wishes.... I hope to be like you when I grow up. I miss you guys.