Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cute kids & the things they say

Sunday, on the way to church, we stopped by Caribou Coffee. As we drove off, here's the conversation between me and my 2 year old. If you haven't heard her cute little voice, this probably won't have the same impact.

Jadyn: "Mommy, you got a Ice Mocha?"

Me: (chuckling) "No, I got an Iced Latte"

Jadyn: "Oh, sorry, Mommy. You got a Ice Latte"

As my mom said, these are words you only hear from a modern-day two year old!
Here's another funny story. This one is funny because Jake is SO literal. And because it shows just how polar opposite Jordan and Jake are in terms of noticing detail.

Yesterday, Jordan put on shoes before going outside to play. I looked at her feet and noticed that she had on a left-foot sandal on her right foot and a left-foot dress shoe partially on her left foot. So, of course, I said to her, "Jordan, come inside and fix your shoes. You can't wear dress shoes outside and you need to put your sandal on the RIGHT foot."
Jake: "Mom, her sandal IS on her RIGHT foot!"


joshua said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

So cute, Joe did the same thing the other day and when I told him to come in and "fix" his shoes, he told me "It's all good Mom". (Which he must have gotten from his brothers) We ended up shopping at Costco with Joe and his mismatched shoes.


Lori Eilers said...

Jadyn will be ordering coffee for you! I can hear it now...I'll have a no fat, half caf, sugar free vanilla latte, no foam or sprinkles!

amain said...

Have you ever noticed that Lisi's shoes are NEVER on the proper foot??? If she just did not pay attention, I figure it would be a 50/50 split on her getting it right...so I am convinced she does it on purpose to DRIVE ME CRAZY:)