Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I took Jake to his first dentist appointment today (I know...way late). He lost his first tooth a few months ago and has a second loose one that he's been complaining about since Sunday.
We went to see Dr. Sharpe in West Des Moines and she cleaned his teeth.
I was so proud of how well he did! He didn't move a muscle or make a peep! He got a cool new toothbrush, a Spider Man tatoo and a new pencil for school! Not bad for a short torture ... I mean, teeth cleaning session. He thought the whole thing was totally fun. Cracked me up. He's the kind of kid that needs details ... and lots of 'em ... going into something new. So, I told him his teeth would get a washing, sort of like the car wash (which he loves!). He thought the comparison was perfect! Ha!
The dentist said his teeth look perfect. He has one 6-year molar coming in already (no big surprise)! Way to go, Jakey-bake!


Lori Eilers said...

What a brave boy!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jake!

amain said...

I am telling you, we have given birth to the same child! Isabella LOVES going to the dentist and keeps asking me when she can go back!!