Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fishing Widow

Ed is gone on a boys fishing trip this weekend to MN, so its just me and the kids for 4 days!
I've been trying to figure out some fun things to do. When I'm gone, Ed always does special stuff with the kids. No wonder they like him better.

I briefly considered the fair. Nah, its too darn hot for that. Which means its also too hot for the zoo ... or a park. I'm such a wimp since moving to Iowa.

I've thought about the movies. But, I can't find anything appropriate to watch (with the kids).

That basically leaves me with:
a) Chuck E. Cheese (who wants to go there?)
b) Science Center (might be crowded)
c) the mall (if only to this trip would be about playing at the germ-infested, over-crowded play area)
d) nothing
Such a quandary.


Sarah said...

1) Take a road trip to visit us.
2) the sprinkler in the backyard for the kids and sit back and drink a margarita
3) Take the kids to the pool
4) Make a play date
5) Give the kids painbrushes and a bucket of water and let them go nuts on the sidewalk
6) Ask someone to watch your kids and go get a massage
7) Build a hue fort in the basement with blankets and strategically placed furniture
8) Does Des Moines have an art museum?
9) Take the kids to a park you've never been to before and have a picnic
10) Have the kids put on a play and video tape it


TheMumm5 said...

I am just cracking up right now because you sound so much like me! Come on over and we can turn the sprinklers on!!! (except I think Kaitlyn has the chicken pox :O)

Stacey Webster said...

Have the kids do tummy time---opps, I have a 6 week old, that probably won't go over well with them.

Have each of the "make" something for daddy while he's gone. Lots of glue, paper, and stickers, and macaroni, and project!

Take them to get ice cream (and get big ones!!!)

Ohhh. Take them to get "tattoos" you know those fake ones...they'll love that!

Or I personally like Sarah's #2, only because we get a margarita.

amain said...

How about Sarah and her GREAT ideas come HERE and we all go do fun stuff together?!?