Friday, August 03, 2007

Houston - Part 3

On our 3rd day in Houston, we went to the Johnson Space Center at NASA. I haven't been there in years and it has changed so much!

The most exciting part of this day was that our friends from Dallas (Nonie, Aaron & their kids, Kailey, Tyler and Trinley) drove down to visit! We were super excited to see them and we had a GREAT day. We feel really honored that they made the trip for us! Nonie and I made weekly trips to Chic-Fil-A (the freestanding variety with play areas that Iowa doesn't have!!) every week when we lived in Dallas and I've missed those "therapy sessions!" She is a great mom and a great friend!

We had dinner at Fuddruckers and it was really cute to see Jake and Tyler rekindle their little friendship as if no time had passed! They were great little friends when we lived in Dallas and Jake still keeps a picture of the two of them together in his room. I'll never forget going to dinner with them the night before we moved and Tyler crying so hard when we were leaving ... it was SO sad! Anyway, they were cute together and we had a really fun day.

On a lively note for the day, Ed went into a giant play structure to retrieve our kids and cut his head on the child-sized (and padded!) jungle gym! It was a pretty nasty cut, but after a trip to the first aide station where he rested for a bit, all was well. Thankfully, no stitches required!

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