Sunday, August 05, 2007

Houston - Part 5 (Day 5 & 6)

I'm going to have to pick up the pace if I'm going to get 10 days worth in here - and catch up on everything else!
So, day 5 was really fun for me. We met up with my best friend from high school, Nancy and her 2 adorable kiddos, Tyler & Ashlyn for lunch and then ... (I've got a really good hubby, I tell you!), my mom & I had plans to get pedicures that afternoon, so Eddie offered to keep Nancy's kids so she could go too! We had a WONDERFUL relaxing time catching up on everything, gettin' our toes done and then we headed off to Charming Charlie's - a store similar to Sam Moon. My mom had some coupons, so we treated ourselves to some fun jewelry! I can't believe I didn't take ONE picture the whole day!!

In the meantime, Eddie had 5 kids in tow ... but Nancy's kids are SO well behaved and very polite! Ed talked nonstop about how good they were. He took them to get ice cream and let them play in a fountain area. Then, we all went to dinner at Los Cucos (for our second time in 5 days ... man, we've missed that place!!). It was a great day with Nancy, but it went by way too fast!!

Day 6 was Tuesday and the halfway point of our stay, so we "moved" from my mom's house in Katy (west side of Houston) to Ed's mom's house in Spring (north side). On the way, we went to a place called Itz for lunch and to play with the kids! It was a blast!

Later, at Grandma's we ate a great dinner, courtesy of Jakey - Ed fried up the fish they caught and it was Yummy!!

Jordan wasted no time in finding a way to prop her feet up like Grandma! (Ed's mom broke her ankle and had surgery a few weeks ago). Too cute!

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