Friday, August 17, 2007

Such a big help!

My kids think its so fun to 'help' (I use that term loosely here) fold laundry. I'm actually thrilled any time they want to help with chores, but they aren't big enough yet that they are true help. *sigh* One day.
Here's a picture of Jadyn helping me fold Ed's socks this morning.
Too cute.
(By the way, since potty training she has sworn off the wearing of pants...apparently they just get in her way. So, I only insist when we leave the house. And am now insisting when she plays outside...just in case there are any perverts around!)


Lori Eilers said...

I have a pic of Micaela at Jadyn's age wearing my knee high panty hose. She was a great "helper" too. Cute stuff...good future boyfriend pictures.

Stacey Webster said...

Hey Kylie helps with the laundry spitting up on it! That's how she helps make the laundry! HEHEHE.