Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Famine

Has anyone missed me? I mentioned before its feast or famine around here - and this, my friends, has been a taste of the famine! There's been SO much going on and so many things happening. Some things I can blog about and others I can't. Suffice it to say, we've had a lot on our plates.

Jake started fall soccer. He's played two games so far and won both (not that there's an "official" score - but you know all the dads keep it!!). He loves it as much as he did in the Spring and continues to improve. There are some serious behavior issue-kids on his team, but he's managing them really well. I'm proud of him.

He reminds me so much of my brother, Eric, in this picture! THIS is how I think of my baby brothers (even though they're 22!)

Jordan started ballet again and is in hog-heaven! That kid lives for Fridays now! She moved up to Ballet I, which is what we worked toward over the summer. She fits in really well and is doing as well as the rest of the girls in the class, who just so happen to be the same age! We're thrilled she loves it enough to work hard! And, Grace Ballet Studio is just the BOMB! Anna, the owner is so amazing and has such a loving spirit & amazing heart for the Lord. I've met two new homeschooling moms at practice, so that's been fun. Plus, one of my friends, Wendy, has a daughter in Jordan's class this year!

We've done so many fun things over the past few weeks - and for whatever reason I don't have a lot of pictures. Weird. We've been having a blast with school and I think we've found our groove. We've had dinners with friends, birthday parties, even a church Baptism & BBQ at Lake Panorama, which was so amazing. It never gets old to see people baptized! Oh, we've had a car repair, too! Yep...that 'new' car - $2500 "issue!" That's life when you buy a used vehicle, but man, a little more time before high dollar repairs would have been nice. Its the reason we ditched the minivan, afterall! Oh well...its life and I'm just thankful we have the ability to pay for it! One exciting thing we figured out is that Jordan has grown over an INCH in the last 5 months! That may not be a big deal to most people, but for her, that ROCKS! Plus, she's finally grown some legs!

Jordan and I are leaving for Chicago tomorrow. She has her NACD evaluation Friday. Anyone that's known me long knows I'm a nervous wreck before these silly things. Its completely ridiculous, of course, having gone through this process every three months for the last 6 1/2 years, but I still get anxious. And, I just want Jordan to perform her best and show off her accomplishments. The last couple, she hasn't done such a great job of that, so I'm hoping that maybe without Jakey in tow, she'll do better. We'll see!!

Here are few more 'random' photo opps for the Sustala kiddos: Jadyn's dinner attire one night (notice: no pants!); Ed is convinced he can teach Jake to mow the yard by the time he's 6 and Jordan has a new hat she loves ... Oh and Little Miss Me Too wants to be just like Sissy!


Sleep, what's that??? said...

LOVE the pics!! When Jakey learns how to mow your yard, send him on over! I am sure he would LOVE the hill! He could ride the mower!! :O) Love the hats pix too!!!

stephanie said...

Yay! You're back! I did miss you!

Jenn said...

I have been missing you....Shawn keeps trying to convince me that Colby is old enough to mow. I loved Jordan's hat at church on Sunday, she looked fabulous!

amain said...

Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere~ I have missed you!!!

Jena said...

your kids are SO cute :)

Stacey Webster said...

You're back.
I think Jordan is adorable with her new hat, she looks all grown up! Well, the 3rd always gets away (no pants at dinner) with everything and I should know!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the hats!!