Monday, November 26, 2007

Wow ... Time sure flies!

I can't believe its been more than 3 weeks since my last post. So much has been happening ... I guess its that time of year!
A quick recap of the last 3 weeks:
*Ed and I attended a marriage conference hosted by our church at the beginning of the month. It was really great and we enjoyed the time away to focus on each other! We learned a lot of new things and were reminded of many things we'd learned in the past. It was a great time!
*Jordan and Jake started practice for the kids Christmas Musical at church. Its going to be really cute. They both have lines to say (although Jordan will be saying hers along with some other kids ... but she's just thrilled to get to say something!). They are both excited. Jordan will be Mary again this year - she couldn't be more excited!
*Ed and I went to a dinner with my mentoring moms group a couple weeks ago. We had a nice time and I think Ed enjoyed the opportunity to chat with other homeschooling dads. They have a unique role for sure! One I'm particularly thankful for - not only does he work really hard at a stressful job (that he loves, thankfully!), but he comes home with more energy for us! I'm grateful that he makes the effort to be such a hands-on, plugged in dad. The more men I meet, the more I realize that it takes an intentional effort for dads to be engaged...and I'm so blessed to have one that works SO hard at being an amazing husband and dad! Thank you, honey, for the job you do! You are amazing!
*My friend, Amy inspired me to do something new this year! She has spent the past year not only turning me on to the idea of card making, but also attempting to teach me! I don't have a creative bone in my body, so she's had her work cut out for her! But I do love to craft, so I try to copy inspiration! I'm excited to actually be making all of our Christmas cards this year! So, that's been taking up most of my free time the last few weeks. This is no small job - we send out about 120 cards each year! I'm having a blast doing it and may even make this an annual tradition! Thanks, Amy for getting me started on such a fun hobby!
*I've been getting some Christmas shopping done as well, although many of our gifts will be homemade this year ... ahh, more paper crafts!! The kids are making some ornaments as well, so we're having a great time! I just have a few things left to buy and will be done!
*We got our first snowfall Wednesday last week. I don't think I'll ever get tired of how pretty it is ... or used to driving in it! Winter is in full swing around here - with more snow expected this week. Here we go again!
*Last week for Thanksgiving, we had our friends Curt and Mandy and their kids over and we ate way too much!! I ditched my diet in honor of Thanksgiving and it was great to enjoy so much rich food!! We played games ... and who knew Mandy was so competitive??? No wonder I like her so much! Our kids all played really well together and it was a fun day! Mandy brought a fun turkey craft for the kids to make and they all added leaves to our "Thanksgiving tree" - writing things they were thankful for on each leaf. I can't wait to have them over again - perhaps for a more "normal" meal ... and more games, for sure!
*Friday, we spent the day putting our tree up and decorating. The kids had a blast. Jake noticed that the girls both have "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments (Jordan has 2), but he doesn't have one! Oops! I can't even blame it on birth order. Sorry, buddy. Maybe we'll get you a 'medium boy's 6th Christmas' ornament this year. Hmm, there may not be a big market for those. Ed and I both now know why people put their Christmas lights up November first around here (although we'll NEVER get why they put their trees up that early) - its been too cold for him to venture out on the roof - which is not a job he's fond of in any weather. I guess the cold is a good excuse!

I think that about covers the last 3 weeks - probably in more detail than anyone was interested in! :-) Now maybe I can stay caught up a little better! And post some new pictures!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll are so busy!! If you did want to get Jake and ornament--I have found them on ebay before...just a thought :)

Total kudos to you and Amy for doing Christmas cards for everyone. Makes me tired just thinking of it!

stephanie said...

welcome back! missed you! like the mumm5, i cannot fathom making my own never cease to amaze me! can't wait to see 'em!

amain said...

I have a Christmas cards are being made by Flash photography again this year:) I had every good intention of making my own, but when I had the girls annual pix taken, the photographer put together a card for me, and what Mom could say 'no' to that???
Next year I will be guilted into again making my own cards:)