Friday, January 25, 2008

It's snowing ... AGAIN!

I love to watch it snow. I really do. Its just a beautiful sight. I've said before that I didn't think that sight would ever get old. And, I still don't.
But, living with it week after week after week IS getting rather old. This has been one brutal winter in Iowa ... I think even by Iowa standards. Yesterday morning, I drove to my midwife appointment and the temperature was NEGATIVE 11! With a WINDCHILL OF NEGATIVE 20-something. Its painful and just flat ridiculous. I'm all for having a cold winter ... complete with snow, but when its warmer (by 30+ degrees) in ICELAND, I think it crosses the line. I mean, seriously.
But, in the spirit of trying to maintain a positive attitude, I am looking forward to the 30s and even 40s this weekend! Even RAIN!
I'm itchin' for Spring ... and I have a whole new understanding of the "winter blues" - and somehow, I think "Spring Fever" will have a whole new meaning for us this year as well!!


Rays Family said...


When I complain about how cold it is and the amount of snow we have, it never fails, I see a weather report on Iowa and think of you guys.

Stay warm.


Stacey Webster said...

I wish you warmer weather!

It was in the high 60s and beautiful down here....and the lows in the 40s. Ahh...the rain finally stopped and it was awesome! We took Kylie on a long walk, and Ken said we had her bundled up like we were in the artic.....but no, it was not the artic, more like perfect weather, and we don't get those too often......Oh, right! back to you, soooo sorry for the winter blues. I read an article that said you can buy special light bulbs that make you feel like you are getting more sunshine! Ha! And if you drink some decaf coffee/hot cocoa, then you will definitely think it's warmer!

Bundle up! :)

Jenn said...

And now we have today...blizzard like conditions, near 0, after a day yesterday where it was 50. Of course since everything had nearly melted it is definitely time to pile it back on. UGH!

I want it to be warm so we can open up the house to get the sickies out.

amain said...

Yep, even by Iowa standards, this has been a cold and snowy winter.
But I am a die-hard, and I LOVE it!!

Dara said...

im with you angela - bring on spring!