Monday, February 11, 2008

Three-to-Five year olds

God does indeed gift each of us differently. For that, I'm so glad. My giftings involve organization, paperwork (weird, I know) and details (well, details when I'm not possessed by a 'pregnant brain!').
Anyway, my friend, Lisa just started leading the "little kids" (ages 3 years old to Kindergarten) at church and there's quite a BUZZ about it! I don't even have a kid in her class. Yet. She'll be 'blessed' with Jadyn after March, so I'm thrilled to know things are going SO well. Lisa is completely gifted with this age group - and as far as I'm concerned, that takes a special person and a special calling!
Lisa has been so excited about it all - and that has rubbed off on all the kids in her class! Its been fun to see their faces as they leave on Sunday mornings & hear all the excitement in their voices!
If you have a kiddo in her class, you gotta check out her blog HERE!
Way to go, Lisa!!!

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Jena said...

h1Eli came out of her class beaming on Sunday! He told me that he had A LOT of fun!!! I am so thankful for people like Lisa :)...and btw, not only did Eli have a lot of fun, but I also enjoyed myself in the nursery hanging out with you and those cute babies!