Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to My Old Ways!

Yesterday we bought a new minivan! That may not sound exciting to some, but I have actually really missed having a minivan. Which is sort of ironic since Ed literally had to talk me into getting our first one. And, I really thought I would enjoy driving an SUV more than I did.

The Land Rover is cool and fun to drive - and even downright handy in snow, since its 4-wheel drive. But, for a mom of soon-to-be 4 little kids, you just can't beat the convenience and ease of a minivan!! Ed's a happy camper, though because the Land Rover is now his toy!
We've been looking at vans since December and finally settled on a Kia, because it has the best safety rating - and I'm married to a safety-man (he's seen way too many bad things in his job as an insurance man!).
We got a great deal - and this baby's got it ALL! My favorite feature is the remote control sliding doors and hatchback! I mean, how cool is it that you can walk out of the grocery store and "pop" all the doors before you ever even get there? No kids standing around in parking lots! I love it!Its even our first car to have a DVD player. Don't you know the kids were chomping at the bit to give that a whirl?? But, we told them its only for road trips, so they'll have to wait! Our kids are so good about just riding or listening to music, Adventures in Odyssey or books on tape - and I don't want to lose that. Plus, I just don't even want to get into the habit of watching a video every time we hop in the car!

Ed took these (and many more!) pictures last night. He's so funny - he's SUCH a car-guy that he even gets excited about a minivan! I love it.


Stacey said...

Looks great!
I know you will use it. How exciting. I felt like I was on the Price Is Right, when I got the email. "A New Car" I could hear the crowd and everything!

becky said...

congrats! that's so fun! I could totally use the automatic door opener, such a great invention!

amain said...

My new Suburban also has the remote back hatch, and it is such a lovely convenience:)
And for what it is worth, ever since we got a DVD player in a car, our rule has been "for roadtrips only", and the girls have been A-OK with that. I'm like you...the thought of popping ina video every time we got in the car was more than I could handle...
Enjoy your new Mommy Luxury!

Anonymous said...

so fun--definitely tempts me to check out a mini-van! Ahh, our Durango will be driven until it dies :)

Lori Eilers said...

Niiiiice! I don't have any little ones and still like my mini van. Kia had such great deals, I was tempted to check them out.