Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Lapbook!

Today, the kids and I made an Easter lapbook - based on the same idea as the Resurrection Eggs. Each egg lifts up and has a picture of an item to discuss regarding the events that led up to Jesus' Resurrection!
It turned out really cute (if I do say so, myself!). Anyone that knows me knows I am short on creativity - so let me just say I got this idea here. There was lots to color and cut, so I "got" to help in that department! Jake loves playing with my punches, so he cut out all the flowers! Everyone helped color the eggs - and it was great to talk about what today is about - and of course, Easter!

Here are some pictures of our handiwork today:


Lori Eilers said...

That is sooo great! You need to contact a publisher. How's that Jace doing? Does he need a pat from Pastor Lori? :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting! That looks great, I think we will try it!

Kathy Eller said...

This was inspiring! Thank you for sharing!! I am new to your blog and need to come back and click around :)

Im having my first contest-ends today-for a little girls' bracelet, you should come by!!

jan said...

Thank you for sharing this idea! We made one this afternoon. (Not quite finished yet...:-) )
It's a lovely lapbook btw!