Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jadyn's Birthday dinner

Monday night, we went to Taki for dinner. It's a Japanese restaurant similar to Bennihana's where they cook at your table.
After we sat down, a young couple was also seated at our table. Jadyn took one look at them and said, "Hey, this OUR table!"
We all cracked up laughing and I told her that we were going to share our table. Then she says, "Oh, that's a GREAT idea!" Oh my goodness, it was so funny! Thankfully, our table-mates were good sports.
After dinner, Jadyn got a piece of cheesecake and we sang to her! She thought she was HOT STUFF!

Afterwards, we came home and had cupcakes - needless to say, our kids were on a major sugar-high! I found some cute little cupcake pedastals at Target. They were a hit with the kids!

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Jen Mumm said...

So cute!! I have always wanted to go to Taki :)