Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The "Joy" of Motherhood

Many of you have gotten hooked on "June Cleaver" just like me. Some have asked how I found her blog - I actually stumbled upon it looking for "cool" homeschooling-mom blogs. You know, fun, real moms that don't wear the denim jumper and hair doily (you know what I'm talking about ~ Its the first vision you have when you hear the word "homeschoolers").

She seriously makes me laugh. She's witty and has such a fun way of looking at the mundane things in life. Like motherhood. Her post today is hysterical. Maybe I laughed out loud so many times because what she describes sounds like she's been living in MY house! I don't know, but I just found this post especially hilarious. If you have children, check it out & see if it doesn't make you laugh (out loud!), too!


Rays Family said...

I had to read it out loud to all my boys! We were all laughing so hard. She's great. I can so relate.


Becky said...

ok, I was laughing and crying while reading that. I think perhaps she's been living in m house too ;)

Beth Rainey said...

Angela, I'm so glad I found "June" through you! I too have her linked to my blog. She's absolutely hilarious. I have laughed out loud reading almost every blog. One of my favorites is from 12/26/07, titled "Mistress June on Duty"! I just about wet my pants reading it.


Jenn said...

I've read some of her posts, of course through yours, she is hilarious. I always just assumed she was a friend or family member. She totally makes me crack up. It is so nice to realize we are not alone!