Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ed!

Eddie's birthday was Tuesday, so I'm a little late with this post. We went to dinner at On The Border and the weather was even nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the water at Jordan Creek mall. It was great! Then, we came home for some ice cream cake from Coldstone ... it was supposed to be a surprise, but Jadyn let it slip. Aren't we all shocked? Jake insisted there should be 34 candles on the cake - so we had a little mini-bonfire on our tiny family-sized cake! It was rather funny!
It makes me laugh to think Eddie was only 20 when we met. In many ways, he's a completely different person - but in so many other ways, he hasn't changed a bit!

He's still just as silly as ever - and can make me start giggling with a goofy saying or voice. He still loves cars and fishing as much as ever. He still adores me as much as the day we wed - maybe even more, if that's possible. He's still as RIGHT as he's ever been (just ask him - he'll tell you!!) :-) and just as driven and he still has the same amazing work ethic. And, he still really wants to buy a boat.

I guess what makes him different now is his trust and reliance on the Lord and a fair amount of good ol' maturity! These two things underly all the changes I've seen. He's grown into an outstanding leader - at home and at work. He's constantly pushing himself to be a better father - and he does one heck of a job! He bathes the kids every night, is always willing to help with school and looks for ways to interact and teach the kids as much as possible. He's way more patient with them than I am! (*sigh*) He has a strong desire to help other people and truly loves to find opportunities to do so. He is one outstanding husband. He works really hard at it and it shows. I feel so incredibly blessed to be his wife & so thankful for the work he puts into our relationship. I never doubt his love for me. He is truly my best friend - and so much more!
I love you so much, babe!! Thanks for making this life so incredible!


Sleep, what's that??? said...

Wow, that's a LOT of candles!!! :O)
Just teasing...
Happy Birthday Ed!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ed!!

Lori Eilers said...

Happy Birthday Ed! I kinda remember was 13 years ago. :) Hope it was an awesome day for you.

stephanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Eddie!

It is funny to remember Chris when we first met, too. We are fast approaching the day when we will have spent half our lives together. What a blessing for you and I to have each found the perfect match to do our lives with! (I look around more and more to find that not everyone has that, sadly)