Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On The Road Again!

We're on the move again!!
I'm so excited that I can finally blog about one of the biggest things happening in our lives the last few months.
Ed has accepted a new job with Traveler's Insurance in HOUSTON, TX! It is an amazing career opportunity that will open a lot of doors for him - not to mention the bonus of getting us back to Texas!
Obviously each move comes with mixed emotions as we'll miss the friends we've made here - but we're also excited about what God has in store for this next chapter in our lives!
This has been a roller coaster ride for us for the last 5 months. We've gone from thinking we might be moving to Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas and now, its Houston! It has been a wild ride, but we know God has a perfect plan and we're so thankful for that! Today is Ed's last day at Nationwide.
The next few weeks will be a little nutty for us - with having a new baby, Ed starting a job in Houston, putting our house on the market, buying a new house, etc. We are trusting God with the details and timing of it all.
We are so grateful for the time that we've had in Iowa - even though this winter was a little hard to take! We have loved the size of Des Moines, the fun things around town to do, the friends we've made, our wonderful church family and most of all, the work that God has done on our family here. We have been so blessed! Thank you to everyone here that made our lives so great!! We will miss you very much!


Stacey said...

I am sooooo excited! Kylie can't wait to play with her cousins. YIPPEE!! Welcome home.

Beth Rainey said...

Yeeesssss! We're so glad that you're coming back. We've missed you all so much. Lauren and Josh, yes Josh, are great babysitters you know.

Anything baby wise happening yet? Well, I guess if you're blogging the answer is no. :)

amain said...

Oh Goodness. Our loss is Houston's gain. The friendship of your family has meant the WORLD to me, and I will miss you terribly. Thank goodness for e-mail...and airplanes!!!
We will miss you!
In Total Friendship
amy, mark, isabella and lisi

Lori Eilers said...

I knew this day was coming and I'm happy for you but totally bummed for us! I guess we will just have to make to best of our time together. Thanks for your wonderful friendship and letting us be a part of your kid's lives. I'm gonna miss those little darlings.

Jena said...

Angela, it has been so wonderful getting to know you and your family! We will really miss seeing you all at church :( I hope you enjoy Texas! You guys are so wonderful!!!

PS- you really weren't kidding when you said God moves you as your church starts thinking about building!!!

Dara said...

You will be terribly missed. You have been such a blessing to Josh and I - there aren't words here to even express it. We love you so much.
Many Blessings,

stephanie said...

wooohooo! that's alot to pray about, which i promise to do! can't wait to see where exactly you'll land!

Jen Mumm said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We will miss you so much :(

Stacie said...

YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! can't tell you how excited i am about your return home to Texas!!! i must admit, i have been secretly wishing for this day to come for a long time! can't wait to see you!! thinking of you lots these days with eager anticipation of baby news!! :)

chefstinsonfamily said...

That is so wonderful for you and your family! What a blessing to be able to be home again! You will be missed, but I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for all of the homeschooling advice and encouragement! It has really meant a lot to me this past school year!

Anonymous said...

Any baby updates? I'm in Florida and just couldn't help but check. I'm thinking about you and praying for a fast and peaceful delivery.