Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick Update

I've dropped the ball on the blogging thing - and yes, I know you want to see new pictures of my cutie-pie :-)

Those of you with kids can appreciate just how busy I've been lately. I'm doing good to keep my kids bathed and fed on a regular basis. Just kidding. It is getting easier every day, but it is busy. And, computer time is limited!

Anyway, I thought I better update our moving plans. Its a long story, but due to some relo issues, we decided to let the house in Houston go. Thankfully, they are returning our earnest money, so that's a blessing. We are looking into doing temporary housing for about 6 months and mabye build a house in the meantime. Still working out all the details and plans seem to change by the day. For now, the kids and I are staying put here until early August. God has a plan and we're just waiting to see what that is.

Jace is getting a little easier each day. He smiles at us a lot and he sleeps great most nights, so I can't complain. I have a sling, so I can just "wear" him around - that way, he's happy being held 24/7 and I can still get things done. We're not pros at it just yet - and he's a nosy little dude that wants to see out, so we're still trying to adjust. He does like to nap in it, though.

I need to do better at taking more pictures. For now, you'll have to enjoy these that Jakey took!


Stacey said...

YEA! baby Jace pictures! He is such a cutie. And you are looking great (of course). Thanks for the quick update.

Lori Eilers said...

I'm sorry to hear about the house but know it will all work out. Jace is so adorable. Now that Im back from Michigan I hope to help you more!

Jena said...

Those are great pics :) What a sweetie!!! I LOVE that sling...I wish I would have thought of that for Thia...that girl loves being held alllll of the time!

stephanie said...

way to go jakey! you are quite the photographer! i love getting to see mommy in the photos, too! (especially looking so amazing, by the way!)

i cannot wait to have a newborn in these days where the slings are so fashionable! like you say about the move and the house, God's plan and timing will be perfect.