Thursday, October 09, 2008

My, How Time Flies!

Wow - I really can't believe how much catching up I have to do on my blog. And, not just mine, but on reading everyone else's. Sheesh. Where does the time go? Oh, I remember ... nursing a baby, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, homeschooling, shopping, errands, gymnastics, ballet, soccer, bathing, disciplining, referee-ing ... and on it goes! Lame excuse, I know ... but its the only one I have! I should mention that my sister-in-law, Stacey, has done a better job of blogging the latest with my kids than I have!

So, first things first, today is my friend, Ericka's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet friend! AND, today is the day that Ericka is moving from Dallas to HOUSTON!!!!! YAY! I'm totally excited for her and her family ... and of course, for myself!

Ok, now for the catching up part. The last time I wrote we were still recovering from Ike. And, that particular day was Jordan's 8th birthday! I was working on a post about that, but I deleted it since its a little far removed now. Suffice it to say I can't believe MY BABY is 8! She's such a little miracle and just amazes us. She's totally into Hannah Montana, which we think is not only hilarious and adorable ... but downright awesome! I mean, let's get this ... JORDAN is into pop culture. I love it! I know, I know, my job is to temper pop culture God's culture - and I am, but can I just say that her interest is so ... well ... TYPICAL! And, for the mom of a "special needs" child, it just doesn't get any better than 'typical!' We had a family birthday party with grandparents (even her great grandmother!), aunts, uncles, cousins and the like. It was a ton of fun! We even had a bouncy house. Not because we invited enough kids to make it worth the money, but because we knew it would just be a blast ... and it was!

I think I've mentioned that Jakey started fall soccer. Life doesn't get any better than that for him. He's totally pumped about the crazy-sized cheering section he has at his games! I mean, our immediate family alone takes up a chunk of the sidelines - add in Grandma, Gummie, Grandpa, and/or Aunt Stacey - and he's got quite the fan club! This is his first year that they keep score, and he likes it - especially since they're 3-0!

Jace is growing like a little weed and is just a cute, fat baby! I don't know what that kid weighs, but he's wearing 12 month clothes. He just turned 4 months old. There's just something not-right about that! Aunt Stacey loaned us her exer-saucer (or whatever fancy name they have for them now) - and he's our first kid that didn't need some sort of lifting device in the bottom so their feet could reach! And, he loves that thing! He turns it around and talks to all the toys on it, drools on it, you know - the usual baby thing! He also rolled over for the first time this week! He started with going from his tummy to his back on Tuesday and then the other way today! And, I guess he came pre-wired to know that practice makes perfect, because he's been rolling all over the place this afternoon! That kind of stuff never gets old! Its always fun to see the 'firsts!'

Ed's the best man in his friend, Brad's wedding this weekend. Brad was Ed's best man in our wedding, so we've been watching our wedding video this week. Jordan keeps asking where she is and thinks that my little brothers are Jake! Its hilarious how kids just can't fathom mom and dad NOT being mom and dad! We're excited for Brad and are looking forward to all the festivities this weekend! I'll be leaving Jace with my mom, and I'm not really looking forward to that. Its not my mom, its the leaving part I have an issue with. I've never been too hip on leaving my babies. But, I'm not hip on taking kids to weddings either - especially not spitty, blow-out-poopy, noisy ones like Jace! His noises are cute and all, but somehow I doubt the bride would appreciate them as much as I do!

Ok, so on to what everyone has been asking about. A house. Have we found one? Did we sell the one in Iowa? Yes. And, yes! We finally took the company buy-out with our house in Iowa which equated to a financial beating. We lost about 20 grand. Considering the market, ok. But, we had to take a nice chunk of change to closing and that just doesn't sit well with me. Paying money for a house I'll never see again? Ugh. Needless to say, we had to re-evaluate our buying plans here. Part of God's plan, no doubt. We've been feeling convicted about the need to simplify and spend less. That's not to say we've been called to live in a box somewhere. But, we did go down in our price range and found a fantastic home we're really excited about. Its new construction, but has already been started and we should close before the end of the year! From a homeschooling standpoint, the kids have a new unit study they are excited about - home building! We'll be taking lots of pictures of the progress ... and you'll probably "get" to see more than you care to!


Jena said...


Your life sounds so wonderful :D What a fun season of life! And, that baby is SO beautiful!!! I miss that I am chasing my 'baby' all over the place- YIKES! I miss that exer-saucer at times...

Sandy May said...

Wow! Adele is into Hannah and HS Musical and all that too! I love it secretly. We have Season tickets to the Civic Center and I was exchanging Summer Awakenings (very adult) to either Mama Mia or Hairspray both of which Adele would like. 2 weeks later got the tickets - didn't tell her which one until they arrived. She said "I am so glad you picked Hairspray over Mama Mia." My little theatre girl takes my breath away. Miss you guys. Jace is so cute and I think he takes after Jake (love the high and tight cut!)

Lori Eilers said...

Thanks for the update....finally! Come on girl, where are your priorities? Don't ya know we need a Sustala fix more often?! Just kidding, of course. Love the pics and can't believe Jace! Keaton was like that. I think he wore one newborn outfit for about 10 minutes. :)

Jenn said...

I think Jace looks so much like Jadyn, do you think he'll have her strong will? Anyways you two sure do make cute babies. So glad things are going so well for you guys, we are missing you terribly. I know about being behind with the blogging I have been horrible! I have no excuse with only 2 kids and one in the oven.