Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Latest

I've once again gotten behind on blogging. I think I've posted individual blogs on the major happenings around here, but there are a couple little things that are "blog-worthy" as well!

First, one of my favorite sounds right now is listening to Jadyn BELT OUT (and I do mean BELT OUT!) "Jesus is my best best best friend..." when it plays in the car. Just the most precious thing! Oh, goodness, if I could bottle that girl's zest for life!

Also, Jace-update: He has his second tooth. Too cute. I was in the post office the other day and decided to weigh Jace ... the dude just turned 5 months old Oct 31 - and weighs 20 lbs!!! I think I've mentioned that he likes to EAT! And, speaking of eating ... we started some solids. I'd been noticing that he seemed ready - he was interested in us eating, no tongue thrust, etc. So, the other night we were eating baked sweet potatoes. I gave him a bite of mine (it was plain ... no "goodies" in it!) - and he scarfed it right down! No pushing it out with his tongue ... just fussing for more! It was rather funny! So, we tried some rice cereal (I actually found some organic BROWN rice cereal for babies! Totally pumped about that!!). He's been eatin' it like a champ too. Did I mention this boy likes to eat?

Finally, we have new NACD programs. We had evaluations a couple weeks ago. I wasn't surprised to find out Jordan has lost some ground. I guess taking off program and school for 4+ months, having a new baby, moving across the country and experiencing a hurricane was too much. Shucks. Its a bummer, but I also know that we'll regain the ground we lost and move forward once again. Just means its time to buckle down and get to work. We're focusing this quarter on her eyes (as they don't track together well), her fine motor and auditory/visual processing.

Jake, oh, Jake. What can I say? Clearly, his progress has NOTHING to do with me! And, if ever there was proof! IN SPITE of all I listed as challenges for Jordan, Jake went up in math and reading. That kid. I told our evaluator that clearly he just does better if I get out of his way! LOL! In lieu of academic issues with that child, we face motor skill issues. Nothing major, but his gross and fine motor skills are not impressive, so those will be the big focus for him this go 'round. Along with some new academic stuff (to liven things up a bit!).

I've said it before - and I'll just say it again - I'm so thankful for the blessing NACD is to us. I'd be at a loss without their expertise.


Anonymous said...

Angela, girl, how do you do it all??? It is good to hear how everyone is doing! The pictures of your house are so fun and I bet you can't wait to move in. :)

Dara said...

its so good to hear how you guys are doing. we miss you all, and all the smiling faces! I can't believe your baby boy is so old now, and already into solid foods and 20 pounds. Im telling you babies are all around me, and they smell so enticing.
love you guys!

Sandy May said...

Mommies rock! So cool that you are listening to your instincts and J. is doing so well! LOL

Olivia said...

Wow, you have a lot going on! house looks great and the kids sound like they are a ton of fun. Each age I find myself saying, "I love this stage!"

We are looking into a university style school next year for the kids - I'll have a much bigger role in their education - yeah! Praying for you guys!