Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go Fly a Kite!

I know I've been totally MIA in blogosphere. Sorry about that. Always hoping to do better!
I've missed it!!
Lots going on around here, as you can imagine. I have to say, though, that having 4 kids has been a lot of fun. It is busy - really busy - the first year with any baby always is - and we decided to add to that fun with two moves as well. But, I am enjoying it. And, now that Jace is 9 months old, things are beginning to settle down a bit. He's gotten himself into a predictable routine and is quite the social little man. He LOVES to go. Anywhere. He's the happiest in public and around people. DEFINITELY got that from his dad! lol. Although my mom says I was a social bug as a little one. Apparently, I exchanged my personality somewhere along the way!

Anyway, in addition to the busyness and goings-on of everyday life, I've been working on being better at noticing the "interruptions" of all the little people (don't tell Jake I said that) as appointments to be WITH them. Of course, I'm literally with them all the time, but I mean, really be WITH them ... in the moment ... enjoying and noticing their (never-ending list of) questions, ideas, interests, etc. And, stopping to say "YES!" when they ask me if I want to color, read a book, play a game or watch them do something. I'm trying to remember that there will be plenty of time to wash clothes, clean bathrooms, scrub floors, play on the computer and watch the news. But these days to see a caterpillar or butterfly through their eyes or play Sorry or Chess or Parcheesi or Life (for the 4,000th time) or re-read the same book 10,000 times are limited.

So, my house doesn't look the way it did in days past. And, I'm (becoming) OK with that. Its clean "enough" for now. I knew God had brought me a looong way on Friday. The older 3 kids were playing outside during Jace's naptime. Jake asked if he could get the kite out. I joined them and had a BLAST flying a kite with my kids. When I walked back into the house a while later and realized all I had "missed" doing during the coveted nap time, I smiled. I didn't MISS anything for a change! It feels good to know that the small steps are turning into progress! And, my kids are reaping the benefits.

I've gotten back into making cards and hair bows, which keeps me sane! I don't have a lot of time to devote to it, but I enjoy the minutes I get! One of my favorite things in our new house is that, even though Ed was looking forward to having a study for him, he has graciously allowed me to turn it into a craft room! (a mess of one at the moment!)

I made the girls hairbows for soccer - soccer ball ribbon with Jake's team colors. Go Great White Hungry Vicious Sharks! (now that's a team name, isn't it?) Our coach from last season has returned to help coach this season and he's hilarious. He nicknames all the kids - Jake's is the 'mad scientist' because of the way he analyzes the game. He doesn't have the most impressive skills, but he does have one heck of a grasp on the mental aspect of the game. Those of you who know him aren't surprised! Spending Saturdays at soccer games are really fun for us. As silly as it sounds, its one of those little things Ed and I both dreamed of and looked forward to before having kids. It always makes me smile when I recognize the way God gives us the desires of our hearts.

Obviously there is not time (mine or yours!) to write about everything to the point of "catching up" - so I'll just post some random pics of late and call it good!! Having fun in the back of Granpa's truckWhat a cute boy - playing with the food boxes at our favorite place!Grandpa and Jace

Jace loves his sippy cupMy beautiful girls ...


The Cabe Family said...

I love your craft room and those PRECIOUS bows! Where were you when Carson wore bows? :)

Mr. Randy said...

What a beautiful family. I miss the Sustala Six. God bless all of you.