Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kreativ Blogger ... who? me?

My SIL, Stacey, was sweet enough to give me this award ... even though I'm not exactly creative! But, hey, its an award and I'll TAKE IT!

ThAnKs, StAcE!
The bonus is that I get to pass the award along as well! How fun!

The Rules:

List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people.

7 Things I love:

1. My wonderful, AMAZING man & our beautiful kids

2. Playing Games

3. Crafts

4. Homeschooling

5. Being organized

6. Reading

7. Family and Friends
I doubt there are any surprises on the list! I should do a list of 7 things I love that might surprise you. Or 7 things I love that you don't already know about! Hmm ... maybe someone will send me an award for that one. LOL!
And ... ~The Kreativ Blogger~ award goes to ...

1. Ericka - my Dallas-turned-Houston friend!! Funny stories about her cutie kids as well as honest and open thoughts on life!

2. Heather - long time friend and fellow homeschool momma. I love seeing pictures of her boys and reading about all their fun times!

3. Mandy - one of my favorite people in Iowa and fellow homeschool momma. I miss you!! More funny kid stories!

4. Beth - I'm lucky enough to be her SIL {and friend} She's amazing.

5. Shea - new blog friend!! Our boys play soccer together. Love your blog, Shea!

6. Pastor Lori - our children's pastor (and friend) in Iowa - she has an amazing heart for kids & ministry.

7. Ashley - I'm a total stalker of your blog - never commenting, but I love it and your beautiful kids!

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