Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jakey & Jadyn's BD Party

We had Jake and Jadyn's birthday party last Saturday. It was so fun to have our house (and backyard) filled with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents! We had a great time. They both wanted a party with a bouncy house, so we got a really fun one - complete with a slide! Plus, we made it an art party, since its one of the things they enjoy together. We had crafts and painting. It was really a lot of fun! I made the invitations to look like a painter's palette - but didn't think to take a picture of one. Jadyn was hilarious. Leading up to the party she would tell people she was going to have a "paint cake" but everyone thought she was saying "pancake!"
I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked (as usual!).

One of my favorite things was watching my little neice, Kylie in the bouncy house. Her daddy would set her at the top of the slide and watching her face as she slid down was just hilarious! She reminds me so much of Jadyn with her adventurous-no-fear spirit!

Our super cool bouncy house!Jake & Jadyn working on craftsThe 3 Muskateers ready to slide!Kids painting fence (and the 'men' playing washers in the background!)
Stacey modeling a painter's smock.

Jadyn's messy paint hand!

My cousin had a great idea to wrap the present in brown paper, so it, too, could be painted!! So fun!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Jake

and blowing out candlesI'm not sure what happened to the pix of us singing to Jadyn or her blowing out her candles. So, I'm posting pix of her actual birthday ... when I made a 'trial-run' cake (which, of course, turned out better than the party cake!)

Jadyn was so excited to get a princess tent! Ed's BD is also this month, so his mom got him and Jake a Wii. Any guesses as to what we've been doing this week?

Finally, a big boy bike!


Stacey said...

Kylie, Kenneth and I LOVED the party---let's do that every weekend! Little Miss Kylie was asleep before we got to the freeway, no surprise there!


PS--that smock makes me look skinny--perhaps I should borrow it more often!

I need to "find" my camera and post some pictures.

Lori Eilers said...

Happy birthday Jakester and little miss! Pastor Lori loves and misses you bunches!! Wish I could have been at the party. You both are getting so big. Daddy better buy a gun to scare of all the boys...Jadyn is getting prettier and prettier!

amain said...

Oh my goodness...I want to be in YOUR family!!! What FUN!!!
And the pix of Jadyn on her actual birthday is unbelievable...when did that little baby girl grow up into such a beautiful young lady???
Happy Birthdays all 'round!