Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special Plate

Do you have one of these?
We've had ours forever and have rarely used it. A few weeks ago I decided the kids would enjoy getting the privilege to use it and feel special. Especially on an ordinary day.

It just so happens that we've been working on attitudes around here. The kids' attitudes when we ask them to do something or toward each other when they are wronged. One of them is able to earn the special plate to use at dinner based on their attitude during the day. I wasn't sure it would be a big deal (or worth working for, for some of them ... ahem, Jadyn), but its a huge hit! Everyone (thankfully!) has earned it multiple times so far and they continue to work towards it each day. I love hearing "Who earned the special plate today?" every night when they see me cooking dinner.

Who knows how long it will stay a big deal, but for now I'm enjoying the benefits of using it!


Lori Eilers said...

Great idea!!!!

Mylinda Fancher said...

I will be praying in agreement with you for a quick, safe and easy delivery tomorrow and sustaining grace for the rest of the week.
Mylinda Fancher