Sunday, November 29, 2009

Journey with Jordan!

We had so much fun at the Buddy Walk this year! Jordan had 22 people on her team!!! Thanks to everyone who participated with us!
Team "Journey with Jordan"

Jordan was on cloud-nine and loved having everyone there just for her! We wore leis to make our team look cohesive. They looked good, but they sure were scratchy. I really liked that the Buddy Walk T-shirts were navy except for the folks with Down Syndrome - theirs were red. It really made them stand out!

Jordan spent most of her time on Uncle Erin's shoulders. He was a really great sport!
His shirt says "I AM ... ALL THAT IS MAN"
The 'boys' riding in the wagon
Uncle Erin with Jordan and Beth with Jake
Jadyn & Jace in the wagon, seconds before Jace passed out :)
Medals at the finish!
Kylie & Jace takin' a snooze
Stopping for a snack


Beth Rainey said...

Oh, I need to email you my pics from the Buddy Walk. There are some cute ones. Maybe tomorrow....!

Lori Eilers said...

Wow, the kids look great and I sure wish I could have walked as one of Jordan's buddies!