Friday, November 06, 2009

Sharks & Soccer

Jake and Jadyn had their soccer team pictures made a couple weeks ago. I didn't have my camera for Jadyn's pictures (because Ed & Jake had it on the camp out). But, here are the Sharks (minus one player)! Serious pose:And, being silly: This is the 3rd season for 3 of the boys to play together and the second for another two boys - and it shows on the field! They are so fun to watch! Jake loves it more every week. He has become a pretty good defensive player. Its really fun to watch him develop and work hard. We've talked about him doing some exercises at home to prepare for Spring soccer so that he has more endurance when he gets the chance to play offense. Which totally cracks me up. I mean, he's SEVEN! The kid has some serious focus for sure! He just showed up that way.

As for Jadyn, let's just say that it doesn't look like soccer is her thing! She's cute as she can be out there, but, seriously, her season cannot end soon enough for me! For such a feisty little thang, she turns to mush on the soccer field. She runs (sort of) up and down the field, but mainly because she's following/chasing the other kids. She barely notices the ball! One week, in the middle of the game, she was at one end of the field comparing shoes with a little girl from the other team while the ball (and other players) were at the opposite end of the field! It was hilarious!