Friday, March 05, 2010

And his name is ...

Jackson Erin!
We are sticking with the J.E.S. initials! Jackson is after Ed's grandparents, Momo & Pawpaw Jackson. Erin is my little brother's name.

Please keep Jackson in your prayers ... we are praying for miraculous healing because we know God is capable!

So much of our grief since learning about Jackson's club feet has more to do with remembering the feelings when we learned of Jordan's heart defect & Down Syndrome just after she was born. And, if we're honest, about feeling like this isn't fair. That we've had "our turn" with a birth defect. Sounds like a 5 year old, doesn't it? Ed's initial reaction was anger. Mine was intense sadness & fear. But, we have flipped, flopped and roller coastered all over the place since then. I am amazed at the myriad thoughts and feelings I have from one minute to the next! Not only that, but the full range of those thoughts and feelings. From sadness, anger, frustration, fear and even guilt for feeling sad when others are facing far worse circumstances and even losing their babies, to relief (that this condition is treatable), immense gratitude (knowing friends and family are praying along side us), peace, a sense of awe in the way God has already arranged the details, hope for a miraculous healing ... and on it goes.

I am hopeful about what God will do in this situation! Thank you for continuing to pray with us.

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