Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"I do..."

Fourteen years ago,

I said, "I do..." 

I said, "For better or for worse..." 

I said, "In sickness and in health..."

I said, "Til death do us part..."

For fourteen years, by God's grace

I've lived, "I do..."  ~  Not perfectly.  Just committed. To Ed.  To our marriage.  To the work of loving him.  No matter what.  And, I still do...   :) 

I've lived, "For better or for worse..."  ~  We've had our share of worse.  But, we've had more than our fair share of better.  I'm thankful that God has given us the opportunity to live out this vow in such a powerful way.  I've said before, its the worse that has brought about an intimacy that I could not have dreamed of fourteen years ago!  Its the worse that's made the better so much better.  Walking in the valley makes the hilltop far more precious.

I've lived, "In sickness and in health..."  ~ Thankfully, its mostly been health with the two of us - but we've sure had to deal with sickness in our children.  Down Syndrome, open heart surgery and death aren't the ideal picture of health, for sure.  We've walked these roads as a team and we've learned so much about each other along the way.  I'm not at a place where I can honestly say I wouldn't trade it, but I can say I wouldn't trade the growth and experiences we've enjoyed in our marriage because of these on-going journeys.

I've lived, "Til death do us part..."  ~  I think this is the most important one of all.  Our journey hasn't always been pretty, but it is very beautiful.  And, there is a difference.  I pray God will allow us to live this one out for a long time.  I would say until we're old and gray, but those seem to be coming sooner rather than later :)

"I do ..."

Just two words.  But when said as marriage vows, they are some of the most powerful words that can be spoken.  I highly doubt that most people realize the power of those words when they say them.  I know I didn't.  But, I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to figure it out.  With a man just as committed.

I love you, Ed!  Thank you for choosing me.  For continuing to choose me.  For loving me - and showing it.  Even when I make it hard.  :)  Thank you for sticking it out.  For staying.  For being you! Even when you annoy the stink out of me!!  :)   We've lived an awful lot of life in the last 14 years.  And, I'm looking forward to the next 14 with you.  But, I vote for a little less drama, mkay??  ;)


Debbi said...

You have such a beautiful way with words. You moved me tears...again! Happy Anniversary Angela & Ed!

Nancy said...

Congratulations to both of you and the amazing life you have created together. I know when I was standing up there with you two before God, family, and friends, I like you had no idea about how life would change for all of us over the next 14 years and beyond. Life is not easy, marriage is not easy. The fact that you two have been able live up to those vows and more importantly to each other is an absolutely amazing and beautiful testament to each of you. If given a choice most of us would choose to avoid the difficult and heart breaking challenges in life. We would choose the path of happiness, health, and prosperity. However, as you said the valleys make the hilltops far more precocious. This is a realization that can only come with maturity and those pesky gray hairs (that is what Dawn is for).

I love you both and hope you have a wonderful celebration of your accomplishment together. Congratulations!!!

Colleen said...

I'm a friend of Sarah Labella's and she showed me this post. I'm getting married in October and I really enjoyed reading this! And I hope I learn as much as you do through our marriage. xoxo