Friday, August 13, 2010


Have you seen the commercials for the Shout Color Catcher sheets?  For moms with a gazillion loads of laundry each week, it looks like a dream come true.  No sorting?  Better yet - no single item load for those new brightly colored clothes that bleed all over everything like crazy?  Call me sold!
I gave the Shout sheets the ultimate test yesterday.
My mother-in-law bought my girls some hot pink jackets.  Nothing says, "Wash me ALONE" like brand new hot pink clothing.
I followed the directions for my front load washer - placed the sheet in a mesh delicates bag and placed that in the back of the drum before loading clothes. I also used 2 sheets, as recommended (and in hopes of better protecting the whites I was bravely tossing in).

The white Shout sheets that went into my washer came out looking like this:
That's a good sign!
Several white socks came out ... white!

But, others came out like this:

And this:

And, the ultimate disappointment:

Pink splotches on Ed's under shirt.  Something tells me he's not really gonna dig that.  :)

Thankfully, its nothing a bleach pen can't take care of, but what a bummer. 
Obviously, the sheets absorb color - and I did include (*gasp!*) one of Ed's pale blue Polo shirts.  I'm telling you, I had faith in these babies!  :)   {Honey, your shirt is splotchless!} 
My advice?  If you want to give them a try, and you're washing the brand-new-hot-pink stuff (or red!), maybe skip adding the whites.  But then, that sorta defeats the pupose, doesn't it? 

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