Saturday, August 14, 2010

Snacky Lunches

A few months ago, I started giving my kids "snacky" lunches.  These are the easiest lunches on the planet.  Basically, anything goes - and typically its void of food that requires preparation.  Some things we use:  crackers or chips and hummus, tuna salad, veggies, fruit, cheese ... basically snacky or finger foods.  Its a hit!  I usually like to add a smoothie to the mix as well.  Recently, I've seen some moms in blogland doing lunch in muffin pans (complete with themes) - using each muffin cup for a different kind of finger food.  Its a cute idea, especially for the preschool crowd.  But, I'm not washing four muffin pans after lunch.  I'm just lazy like that :)

A few weeks ago, I found these divided trays at HEB for $1 and knew the kids would love them for snacky lunches (especially since they haven't seen the muffin pan idea).  This is all the rage for lunch time around the Sustala house!!

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