Wednesday, December 08, 2010

No grey matter here!

As has become customary, it is feast or famine around this blog! 

Very little grey matter here.  :)

Here's the high (and low) lights of the last few weeks. 

The day after Thanksgiving, our family was decorating for Christmas.  About half-way through decorating the tree, Ed said, "Why are there wet footprints on the floor???"

We searched for the cause of wetness - checking the usual places:  Jace's diaper (the kid has serious talent) and wet socks.  No dice.  Then, Jake exclaims, "Dad!  There's a giant puddle over there!"

*cue parent freak out*

The puddle appears to be coming from our bedroom/bathroom, so naturally Ed runs that direction.  To find our bedroom carpet and bathroom floor soaking wet along with dripping water coming from our closet ceiling.  :) 
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! a big ol' mess!

Ed runs upstairs to the bathroom above ours where he discovers a flooded bathroom which clearly originated from a sink that had the drain plugged (by a washcloth), the water turned on full blast (and of course, the door closed).  The water ran from the bathroom to Jace's room on one side and the gameroom (AKA our school room) on the other :/

All eyes immediately turn to Jadyn.  Funny (or not) how in times like that, everyone knows exactly who the culprit is.  In most homes, you might assume the two year old.  Cause two year olds do stuff like that. 
In our home, we have a Jadyn.  Cute as a button she may be.  But the child does not think through her actions.  She is impulsive, creative and curious - not a good combination.  I've decided that God has provided Jadyn to be sure I never become prideful as a parent.   :/ 

Long story short - the majority of our carpet has to be replaced along with the {brand new} hard wood floors in our family room as well as some sheet rock, paint & door frame repairs.  Mostly a giant inconvenience at the most expensive time of year - and, y'all, homeowner deductibles are freaking high!!!  I guess since Ed works in auto insurance and I think of the typical auto deductible being around $500, I just assumed it would be $500 - $1000.   La la land is where I was a livin!   Wish I could go back!  ;)

The other biggies around here - I can't remember if I've mentioned or not, but Jordan joined a Christian homeschool choir called Joyful Sound!  Amazing that she can be included in such a thing ... just another example of how God continues to open doors for her that I couldn't have imagined ten years ago!  Not only is Jordan in the choir, but she is also in one of the show choirs, so she gets to do her two favorite things - sing AND dance!  :)  It turned out they were in need of another child in the show choir and Jadyn just happened to be in the back at rehearsal, learning the dance, so her lucky little self got to join the show choir for the Christmas performance, even though she's not technically quite old enough!!
At any rate, Joyful Sound! does ministry concerts the first two weeks of December - all over Houston to all sorts of people/groups/places.  We are talking about 3-6 concerts per DAY!  Amazing outreach to so many - and I was beyond excited to participate this year.  The girls were loving every minute of it! 
A couple days into ministry season, Jordan was struck by a stomach virus.  Thankfully, it only lasted a couple days, but as soon as she was well, it hit me, Jace and Jadyn - and by yesterday Jake was in the mix as well :(  Its been a long week, but everyone appears to be on the mend (assuming Ed doesn't become the final victim!).   The worst part has been missing so many concerts.   We still have the big Christmas concert this weekend and next week for ministry, so still plenty to look forward to!

I hope things are a little less eventful at your place :)

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