Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Texas Cowboy & Cowgirls!

Last night was Beggar's Night - it's Iowa's version of 'trick-or-treating' and the deal is you have to tell a joke to get some candy. We had the cutest cowboy and cowgirls ever - costumes courtesy of Grandma, and quite appropriate for our little Texans! We had a blast! Despite the fact that it reached 70 degrees yesterday, it turned abruptly cold and windy just in time for us to be out and about! Jakey loved his cowboy costume so much, he did not want to wear a coat (the windchill was in the 30s!!), so we didn't stay out long! His joke (learned from Aunt Betty when he was in Houston a few weeks ago), got a lot of laughs, so he was proud of himself! It was a knock, knock: Who's there? Boo. Boo, who? Why are you crying? HA HA!! Jadyn was without a hat and boots, so she improvised - borrowed Sissy's hat on occasion and wore her snow boots! She didn't care a bit!

A couple funny stories from yesterday:
1-At our first house, the kids walked up to the door and I raised my camera to take a picture of the kids from the back - and what do I see? Jordan's FULL moon shinin'!!! I so wish I had snapped the picture, but instead jumped to "fix" it. Her skirt was a tad on the small side and apparently, when she walked up the steps, it fell down a bit. I guess in all the excitement of collecting candy, she didn't notice the "breeze!"
2-We rarely have candy at our house, so yesterday's loot to give out was an overwhelming tease for the kids. Jake admitted last night that Jordan snuck some candy when I wasn't looking yesterday afternoon. Eddie asked him if he snuck any and his response was: "NOOOO...but Jordan poked some in my mouth!" We nearly died laughing!!!
I wanted to upload more pictures, but will have to work on that later...its taking forever!!


Rays Family said...

what a cute bunch of kids. Enjoy them, they grow so fast! They all look so so happy.


Lori Eilers said...

You have the cutest little rug rats! That is an ahhhhh picture if I ever saw one. I love those kids!

Anonymous said...

wasn't that night so cold - it was just nuts - awnna didn't stay out long either. They look adorable. I love this pic - Mis-Placed southerners we all are! Its refreshing!