Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Update on school

The process with Jordan's school is ongoing at this point.
Ed's discussion with the principal didn't really get anywhere yesterday, but the principal did call the district's director of special ed, whose message was that not only do we not have the option to change special ed teachers, but we don't have the option to have Jordan at school and not be pulled out by the special ed teacher. She backed us into a corner. Eddie tried to call the special ed director himself, but got no returned call.
When we took Jakey to school yesterday, Jordan cried because she wanted to go to school too. It was hearbreaking and made us a little more willing to push a little further with things to see if there's a solution.
So, last night we sent a letter (via email) to the superintendent. I followed that up with a phone call this morning. I spoke with his secretary who said that he is out until tomorrow afternoon, but that he would get the email today. She asked if we had spoken with the principal and with the district director. I told her we had talked to the principal and had attempted to contact the special ed director, but had not rec'd a call back. Funny, she called Ed back right then. They played phone tag for a bit, but once he finally got to speak with her, she was much more accomodating than anyone else has been to this point. He addressed our concerns and she admitted the principal had not shared all the information with her. She was understanding of our position and seemed willing to look into the situation and see if a compromise can be reached. Ed explained our stand that Jordan will not go back to school unless it can be without the experience of the current special ed teacher. So, we'll see! One interesting note that came out of their conversation: the special ed teacher was moved to our school from another in the district this year. That could mean something or it may not...but this is clear: She has not worked with Kindergartners before (at least not recently), because Jordan's school, until this year, was the only school in the district that offered Kindergarten! Hmmm! Anyway, I also contacted Jordan's teacher from last year and got some feedback from her - she said she has not heard good things about the special ed teacher, so it gives us more confidence that we are doing the right thing! We push on in this battle because we want Jordan to have another great school experience like last year, if that's at all possible.


Rays Family said...

Angela, I'll be thinking and praying for you during the days to come. It's unfortunate, sometimes you have to go to the "top dogs" to get the job done. Good luck. You are so strong, you can do it.


Stacey Webster said...

All of you will be our prayers with this situation. I think that american culture has made us take a stand-off approach to our children's education (given our public school systems). You and Ed know Jordan the best and what her capabilities are, strive to place Jordan in best learning environment. BE STRONG! BE HER ADVOCATE! Does the NACD have any suggestions? What about private schooling?

Well all the PA's in my office agree that the public school systems fail to nuture and grow our children!

Good luck with your endeavor. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you all (opps---y'all).