Saturday, November 18, 2006

Family Movie Night!

Last night was one of our favorites. We don't make time to do it often enough, but it is always a treat! On Family Movie Night, we put on our jammies, spread out a blanket in our living room floor, eat popcorn and cookies and watch a movie! We always have a blast! The kids think its the biggest treat ever...especially with all the no-nos...cookies, popcorn, eating in the den! Not to mention the fun of baking cookies and then the anticipation of having to wait to eat them!
These are special memories that I know we will treasure forever.
The one drawback last night was the movie. We rented Cars - and although we recognize that it has been very popular, we (collectively) didn't think it was so hot. We found it slow and a bit long for a kids movie. Oh well, the company was great! :-)


Sarah said...

I am glad that you guys wear pajamas now. When you did Naked Movie Nights the pictures were always so awkward.

Lori Eilers said...

Good times. I have got to get a digital camera so I can put pics on my blog! How come we didn't get to see you in your jammies? I could live in pajama pants and sweat shirts!