Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ruth Harbor

Ed & I had the honor of attending a charity fundraising banquet for Ruth Harbor on Thursday night. Ruth Harbor is a local crisis pregnancy organization that provides a Christ-centered home-like experience for young, unexpectedly pregnant women. They provide for all needs - through housing, medical care, counseling, etc. It is a unique and much needed ministry!

We were invited to attend the banquet by Anne. She is a friend from church that benefitted from Ruth Harbor a few years ago. Anne's story is a neat God-glorifying experience and worth sharing! She is a hard working and wonderfully sweet lady. We met Anne at our Wednesday Life Group. We learned that she had been working in a day care center while looking for a better job. Ed was impressed with Anne and helped her get a job at Allied! She started just a few weeks ago! We are so blessed to have to have Anne in our lives and we are anxious to witness all that God has in store for her!

We were also blessed to attend the banquet. We had the opportunity to meet Anne's house parents and even met a lady at our table that has homeschooled for 11 years! She said she knows other families that homeschool children with Down Syndrome!! I gave her my phone number and email and am anxious to hear from her! Thank you, God! What a blessing this experience was for us!


Sarah said...

Wow!! What an amazing story!! That is soo cool that Ed was able to give Anne a job, and that you met someone who could help you, too!

Lori Eilers said...

So cool, I hope I have the opportunity to be a blessing to Ruth Harbor sometime. Hope the lady you met is a good resource for you.