Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I received an email today from my friend, Amy, about the movie "Happy Feet," which appears to be the newest IT kids movie, right? It comes out this Friday. Can I please just remind parents to do some research before you take your innocent little eyes & ears to see a movie? Please don't rely on critics or trailers to provide you with the information you NEED! And, maybe even set a basic standard for your family that narrows the options. In our family we only see G rated movies. Even at that, we still research the movie first. I know that plays as a little old- fashioned and overly conservative for some, but that's what we feel is best for our kids. There is a reason that movies are given certain ratings. PG means Parental Guidance - and notice the tagline: "some material may not be suitable for children"...that means that we, as parents, have the responsibility of monitoring it!!! It doesn't mean the movie directors or producers have any responsibility (because CLEARLY they don't take any). I know this is a bit of a soapbox, but it drives me CRAZY to hear little tiny kids talk about PG movies they see ... and somewhat bigger kids (yet still not 13) talk about seeing PG13 movies! Sadly, our society doesn't give a second thought to a PG rating. God has given us our children to nurture and protect. We can't protect them from everything, but it is our job to protect them from the things we can (and ask God to cover the rest)! For truly informative reviews, I recommend Focus on the Family's website and before seeing any movie. Unfortunately, this weekend movie theaters will be packed with well-meaning parents that take their preschool and elementary school aged children to see "Happy Feet." As parents, we must be more than well-meaning!

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Mark said...


Good for you! My wife and I were very careful with what our children watched - and even now when our youngest is 15 we still only have DishFamily and limit what is watched! There were times that our kids wished they could see certain things and have even asked us about decisions, but we did and do feel it was better to err on the side of safety!

God bless you in your important job of parent.