Friday, November 10, 2006

White Friday!

This is the first "official" snow of the season here in Iowa! It came as a bit of a shock as the weather report I watched this morning said the snow would all stay north of Des Moines! The kids and I headed off to mom's group this morning and this is what we came home to!! It is beautiful, but it was a bit unnerving to drive in!

It was really funny to me to watch other people's reactions to seeing snow coming down. They were very matter-of-fact about it while I was in a state of panic because we were out in it - and the only way home is through it! Everything shuts down under these conditions in Texas, so we still have some adjusting to do! Pastor Josh knew I was at mom's group and called me on my cell phone to give me some "driving in the snow tips," which I thought was very sweet! Thanks, Josh! I guess I'll get some practice in the weeks and months to come. Maybe they should have let me keep my Texas license plates as a warning for other drivers! :-)

I'm hoping for a white Christmas...what a treat that would be for us!!


Sarah said...

You can count on a white Christmas, and a White New Year's, and a white Sarah's Birthday (big time white), and a white Valentine's Day (big time!), and a white St. Patrick's Day, and a white Easter (most likely) and maybe by Memorial Day you'll start to see a little brown where the grass used to be ...but don't hold your breath. As for the driving ...go slowly. Unless you see everyone else driving fast. And if you start to slip and slide, just pump the breaks. And when it is really snowing and slippery, you need to import my mom's rule of No Talking In the Car.

Sarah said...

And P.S. Keep a shovel and a broom in your trunk to dig yourself out of the mall parking lot. Snow has a way of happening when you are doing your shopping.

Rays Family said...

Wow! The kids must love the snow. Stock up on lots of hats and gloves, mine always seem to lose one glove from every pair. As for driving, slow slow and slower. Don't worry about the drivers around you if you are going slow enough in the snow then you can stop when you need to. It's good to have your blog back up and running. Have a great day!