Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One final word

Well, its finally official...we're turning in a withdrawal letter to Jordan's school tomorrow. I haven't posted about what's been happening because it seemed to change day by day. So, I figured I'd just wait until everything was said and done and write one final blog about this mess! Basically, since my last blog on the subject, we've gotten more phone calls from various people in the school district - from the superintendent, special ed director, parent-educator connection partners and the state agency. They offered us some options to consider (4 total). Ed and I sat down last night and looked very closely at each one. The sad thing is that there were not any we were excited about and the list of cons was longer than the pros on each one! It was still just mediocre. That's just not something we're willing to settle for. So, we made the final determination that we are home schooling and that we are not pursuing these issues through the district any further. The bottom line is this: we have really high expectations for Jordan and unfortunately "they" don't. It's not even the specific teacher - or the principal or superintendent - its the system. We just aren't on the same page in terms of expectations, goals, etc. I've learned so much in the last couple weeks - learned a lot about me, about Jordan, about public schools, special ed, etc. I can say that even though this has been a tough struggle, I'm a better mom for having walked through it.


Sarah said...

Agggh! I am glad that your struggle with the school is over. It could have been over a lot sooner if they had been more accommodating. I feel so badly that the system failed you. However, I am sure it is for the best. Jordan seems much happier at home, with you. You did the right thing.

Stacey Webster said...

Well atleast your frustrations are over! I am disappointed that our own school systems have failed Jordan and all children like her. You are a better mom and Jordan will be a better kid because you made the difficult choice, one that's in the best interest for your (definitely) Special child! (and by special I mean special, but not the way the rest of the world means special) :)
Good luck with your new endeavor! Let me know if Jordan needs any school supplies or aids that will help her progress. I want to help in any way I can! Lots of Love to all!!

Rays Family said...

I admire you so much Angela, making the decisions we need to make for our kids is no easy task. You made the best decision soley on Jordan's needs. You guys are wonderful parents. Good Luck with the home schooling, I'm so inspired by you guys.