Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The saga continues...

The saga does continue, but is also ending, as we enter a new beginning! We rec'd a letter back from the superintendent last night that was not quite what we were hoping for. The jist of it is that they will "fix" this if we send Jordan back to school and let them observe Jordan and the special ed teacher together. What a joke is that? As if that scenario doesn't ensure the teacher will be at her best and Jordan will be at her worst! Not a good plan in our minds.
I got a phone call this morning as well...from the special ed teacher! She said she wanted to work this out. I (AGAIN!), explained my concerns & my frustrations with her. I explained that having looked at the IEP, Jordan should have had a picture schedule in place DAY ONE of school. I should not have had to ask for it - and Jordan certainly should not have had to wait 2 months for it! She apologized and said it was totally her fault. She tried to provide some excuses about finding the right pictures, but it was just excuse for not doing her job.
We also talked about her expectations of Jordan and I reminded her of the multiple attempts I made to explain how perceptive Jordan is and that she needed the teacher to have higher expectations of her behaviorally and academically if she hoped to get anywhere with her; and yet she wrote me off. We talked about "math" and I asked her why she was not working on reaching the IEP goal with Jordan (counting to 20). She said Jordan was stuck in a pattern of skipping 4 when she was counting, so they had to move back to 1-5, so they could then work on 1-20. I told her that if she had been in contact with me, I could have told her that it is not a "pattern," that it was a behavior issue.
She said that she is so sad I haven't let Jordan come to school because they were just starting to make so much progress. I told her that is another example of her low expectations, because the "progress" she refers to is still making up for the progress lost from last year...and is still unacceptable in my mind. We ended the conversation with her saying she was sorry we could not work this out.
I had my appointment to talk with NACD today to get a home school program! Our evaluator feels home schooling is the right decision (I wasn't surprised) and she gave us more to work on in terms of oral motor and reading. She wants Jordan to be a full fledged reader by Jan! Now we're talking about reasonable expectations! The special ed teacher would laugh at such a proposterous thought for a DS kid!
Ed is waiting on a call back from the superintendent and I'm waiting on a call back from the Parent-Educator Connection team, but our decision has been made.
We know what God is calling us to do ... and I've been the one resisting it. Our Pastor talked this past Sunday about the reasons we don't always "feel" God's presence. One of the issues that can separate us from God is disobedience. I've had to spend some time today getting my heart right. I've prayed for God's will in this matter and for clear direction and guidance for us, as her parents ... and he's provided it all along. The question was, did I really want it? Or did I want my own way?
So, home school, here we come!

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Rays Family said...

God is guiding you guys in the right direction. He will guide you to do what's best for your little girl. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I so understand where you are at right now.

Take Care,