Friday, December 15, 2006


The kids made paper chains to count down the days to Christmas. They love tearing a link off everday and as their chains get shorter, their excitement grows! Everyday, Jordan wants me to take their picture with their chains! So, here's the one from last night. Notice Jadyn's in on the action, as always!! We didn't really get to enjoy this kind of stuff last Christmas, as we were in the throws of moving this time last year! The kids are at such fun ages and we are having a blast! We're planning to build a gingerbread house this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be posting pictures of that! Plus, the kids are making *special gifts* for Grandma & Gummie that I'll post pictures of after Christmas...I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!!


steph said...

Brilliant as usual, you have three paper chains. Silly me, I have been using the ONE that Cody made at school. NOte to self for next year....much more fun to have one for each!

Anonymous said...

Jadyn's Christmas seems to be coming much sooner than the others... smart girl