Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mary & A Wiseman

The kids at our church are putting on a musical this Sunday called "Christmas Around the World." Jordan will be Mary (could there be a better spot for her than to mother a baby?). She's SO excited and talks about it everyday! Jake is going to be a wiseman and he's equally excited. You should hear him BELT OUT "We 3 Kings of Orient Are..." Its really funny, but he insists its "his" song! Jadyn has been practicing the songs with them and it will be funny to hear her sing along during the performance!
Preparing for the musical has given us a neat opportunity to talk about the night Jesus was born and what Christmas is truly about! They are looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birthday - complete with a party & cake! (how ELSE do you celebrate a birthday?)
I'm sure I'll be posting a blog about the performance on Sunday...with pictures! :-)
For any of you that live in this area, join us Sunday at 10:15 at the Century Theaters at Jordan Creek Mall for the show! As Pastor Lori says, "the cute factor will be off the charts." I couldn't agree more!

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Rays Family said...

Glad to hear that it is this coming weekend not last weekend. Take lots of pictures. Hope everyone's feeling better.