Saturday, December 02, 2006

Brunch with Santa!

What a fun morning we had! We had brunch with Santa! Complete with doughnuts (anyone that knows our family, knows that's a HUGE & very rare treat!!), crafts, stories, tatoos, etc. There was so much for the kids to do and they had a really great time! Ed and I even enjoyed it.
I love the CLASSIC picture of Jadyn screaming her head off! She loved Santa...but ONLY from a distance! She did NOT want to be on his what's a 20 month old to do? The oldest trick in the book: the SCREAMING BACK ARCH, of course!!!
Jordan and Jakey each got to make a list of the things they want for Christmas and then gave it to Santa (so he would remember, of course!) They loved that! Jakey wrote "camera" on his list, but the 'r-a' was on a different line from the 'c-a-m-e' and Santa thought it said "game." Jakey was none too happy about that!

They made candy cane ornaments, decorated cookies, read Christmas books, made snowman crafts and got penguin tatoos. Plus, Santa gave each of them a candy cane!
SO much fun!


Sarah said...

So cute! Where did this take place? Jordan looks good in brown ...just like her momma!

Rays Family said...

Oh how I remember those back bends our sweet babies would do. Great pictures Angela, looks like a fun time.


steph said...

finally i must respond....i love keeping in touch with the sustalas through your blog....maybe someday i will be inspired enough to do one too!